The Ancient Herbal Formula That Helps People Break Their Addictions To Starch And Sugar, Lose Belly Fat, Detoxify Their Bodies And Feel Amazing


You do your best to eat healthy food.  You avoid fast food.  You drink plenty of water and you exercise as much as you can.


Yet you still feel tired. You feel bloated. That fat around your belly is increasing.

You eat three meals per day, but you barely have one bowel movement each day, which means you are constipated.


Your doctor is talking about blood glucose levels, insulin spikes and using words like ‘pre-diabetes’.


You feel as if you are walking around with 20 or 30 pounds of waste in your system. If you are over 40 there is a good chance you’ve already been diagnosed with “high blood pressure”.

Why do you feel this way?


Chances are, like millions of other people, you feel this way because of


   1) poor digestion

   2) constipation

   3) yeast overgrowth



Improving your digestive health is the key to improving your overall health.

The Essence of Vitality is an invaluable tool to help you control yeast, subdue your cravings for starch and sugar, detoxify your body and help you lose belly fat.

Poor digestion

The medical industry has coined names such as irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, colitis and pancreatitis just to name a few. Faulty eating habits are the number one culprit. Poor food choices and poor food combing are next in line. Together they make up the major causes of digestive disease.


Western medicine offers many complex explanations and solutions for these conditions. Drugs, radiation and surgery are readily offered to treat ailments given a myriad of different names, yet they often have a very simple single common cause:  poor digestion.


If you eat 3 meals per day but have less than 3 bowel movements, you are constipated.

Why are you constipated?

Because much of what you eat, even the ‘healthy food’, has little nutritional value and prevents your digestive system from functioning properly.

Many people who are suffering various diseases, pain, and discomfort are actually experiencing the side effects of constipation and poor nutrient absorption.



Medical doctors report that up to 70% of their patients test positive for yeast overgrowth.

Candida albicans interferes with your normal gastrointestinal function, which makes you susceptible to infection, and interferes with your metabolism. 

Unfortunately, several features of the modern lifestyle directly contribute to unhealthy gut flora:

  • Antibiotics and birth control
  • Diets high in modern grains, sugar and starch
  • Dietary toxins like wheat and industrial seed oils that cause leaky gut
  • Chronic stress

1)  Most diets consist of denatured processed foods that have longer transition times through the intestines.

2)  These genetically modified foods are void of vital minerals and nutrients and increase the toxicity of the entire body.


Natural healers since ancient times blame fatigue, stress and obesity on digestive system imbalances, and suggest several natural remedies for restoring the body back to good health.


Dr. Love

I love the Essence of Vitality.  It changed my life.  I had more energy.  I got rid of toxins.

Justin Sanders

I've been drinking coffee religiously for 15 years.  Every morning without fail.  It had gotten to the point where the coffee didn't really give me an energy boost.  In fact I needed the coffee just to feel the way I would have felt without it.  After a few days on the Essence of Vitality my cravings for coffee virtually disappeared!  I couldn't believe it.  I feel great.  I lost weight.  My energy is off the charts.  This is an amazing product.

Wade Thompson

A friend recommended I try the Essence of Vitality.  I was reluctant because I was under the impression the tonic would mainly help people with diabetes.  High blood sugar was not one of my problems.  I've been on High Blood pressure medication for about a year and I did not like how it made me feel.  I decided to try the tonic to see if detoxification would make me feel better.  I was shocked when I witnessed my blood pressure readings plummet.  After about 2 weeks my blood pressure was reading where it was 10 years ago.  At first I reduced my medication.  Now I've stopped taking it all together.  I feel fabulous.

What The Essence of Vitality Is Going To Do For You


The promise of the Essence of Vitality is that it is that missing piece.  It is that key component.  It is the missing factor in your struggle to maintain a healthy digestive system.


By Dealing with constipation, by dealing with yeast and by curbing your appetite for starch and sugar, and with the help of some of the most powerful anti-yeast nutritionals available, the Essence of Vitality will free you from the grip of yeast overgrowth.


If you’ve been experiencing mental fatigue, excessive muscle pain or suffering from a poor appetite, you may need to cleanse the bowels to improve your digestive system. There are toxins and buildup in the digestive tract.  These undigested food particles compromise your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and benefit from the food you eat. ESSENCE OF VITALITY helps to break down that undigested food and remove it naturally from the system. This then results in:

  • Reduces your constipation

  • Regulates your metabolism

  • Makes you feel lighter and more energetic

  • Reduces your risk of diarrhea and stomach upsets from undigested food

  • Regulates the elimination functions, which leads to healthier skin, more vitality and a noticeable surge in energy

How To Add The Essence of Vitality To Your Diet

Take 2 ounces the first day.  Take 1 ounce shot each morning on an empty stomach.

Not every herb is right for EVERY BODY - listen to yours, and see if ESSENCE OF VITALITY works for you. Always consult a primary health care provider whenever you have concerns. During pregnancy and lactation, one should consult a primary health care provider before using any herb or herbal formula.

The Essence of Vitality is an herbal tonic and not a laxative, because it slowly and naturally helps detoxify the body’s elimination system to bring the body into a state of harmony.

Harsh laxatives, on the other hand, can create an imbalance in the natural elimination process, and also run the risk of dependency.